The disputed territories never belonged to the “Palestinians”

The disputed – or as Jew-haters like to say – the “occupied” territories never belonged to the “Palestinians”.


These areas only came into Israeli possession as a result of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon converging on Israel’s border in 1967 – in what came to be known as the Six Day War – a war which the Arabs once again initiated with the singular goal to destroy all of Israel and all the Jews within.

It was a war started by Arabs and once again lost by Arabs and as a result, Israel took control of the land.

And I’ll throw in an extra fun fact here; Judea, Samaria (the “West Bank”) and Gaza are all mentioned in our Torah and were originally inhabited by our Jewish forefathers. Gaza is mentioned in several places in the Torah including Judges 1:18. Judea is first mentioned in our Torah in the book of Joshua.

Judea and Samaria were both renamed by our Arab enemies – Judea is now named the “West Bank”, a phrase created by King Hussein of Jordan after the war in 1948 when he declared that Jordan would annex that area. The term “West Bank” stayed with the media, unchallenged, for the past 37 years. If you look on a map, the “West Bank” is eastern Israel.

And what is east of Israel?

Jordan, originally named Trans-Jordan, which is the partitioned land area that was allocated to the Arabs in 1948 when they refused the offer to have their own state.

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