Smell a rat

Explosions at one of Britain’s largest oil depots jolted an area north of London early Sunday, hurling multiple balls of fire into the sky, shattering windows and blanketing the area with smoke. Police said the blasts, which injured 43 people, appeared to be “accidental.”

Police said the blasts appeared to be accidental, though they occurred just four days after an al-Qaida videotape appeared on the Internet calling for attacks on facilities carrying oil “stolen” from muslims in the Middle East.

“Oil stolen.” The joke is it was American technology that allowed the unevolved arabs who had no technology to purge the black oil from out of their deserts. If it weren’t for Americans and American technology, arabs would be eating dirt and rubbing two Jews together to make a fire. This is a classic example of arabian co-dependency – benefit from the labor of others while doing nothing to merit it.

Do I smell a rat in London? We’ll see…muslims like to take credit when there is death and destruction as their man-god compels them to. We’ll see if there is a glut of ownership over the next few days when islamic terror groups start to take credit for the disaster.

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