There would be no Palestinian refugee problem if…

There would be no refugee problem if seven Arab nations had not attacked Israel upon its inception in 1948.

800,000 Jewish refugees were expelled from Arab countries in 1948.

The PLO took the Israeli Olympic delegation hostage in the 1972 Munich Olympic games, and after failing to extort the release of Palestinian prisoners, killed 11 Israeli athletes.

The PLO invented the idea of skyjackings in 1970, and instilled fear in travelers across the world.

The PLO shot and killed the elderly, unarmed, wheelchair-bound, U.S. citizen Leon Klinghoffer on the Achille Lauro cruise liner in 1985.

The PLO continues to incite violence against Jews, promote the armed struggle to “liberate all of Palestine,” and indoctrinate Palestinian children into a culture of hatred where death is the ultimate prize.

Discriminatory laws, arrests for no reason, periodic riots in which Jewish-owned homes, businesses, cemeteries and synagogues were destroyed or defiled, along with murdering Jews has been the general rule in ALL Muslim countries for centuries.

Islam does not accept people of other faiths as equals under any circumstance.

Is that enough for you for one night? Good, it better be. And you all should get ready because there’s more truth on its way and Muslim lovers ain’t gonna like what I have to say.

Stay tuned, because I’m not holding back anymore…

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