Sister Rose Thering Dies at 85, Nun Who Battled Anti-Semitism

From Sister Rose Thering Dies at 85, Nun Who Battled Anti-Semitism:

Sister Rose Thering, a Roman Catholic nun and a former professor at Seton Hall University who battled anti-Semitism within her church and contributed to a historic Vatican declaration that Jews were not collectively responsible for the death of Jesus, died Saturday at a convent in Racine, Wis. She was 85.

Thering – who wore a Star of David fused to the cross on her neck – devoted most of her adult life to writing, lecturing, and traveling the world in a quest to promote greater understanding between Christians and Jews.

At Seton Hall, where she joined the faculty in 1968, she established workshops on Judaism for church leaders and teachers, and led student groups on 54 tours of Israel.

Keyword(s): anti-Semitism; Vatican; Roman Catholic Church (RCC)

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