The signing of the Mecca agreement [No mention of end to violence against Israel]

[Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: Possibly rhetorical question soon to be voiced by Hamas: If “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas is considered the hero of the West and simply a fantastic all around guy even though he calls for turning guns toward Israel and only opposes terror attacks if and when he beleives they do do not serve Palestinian interests, doesn’t this set such a low enough standard for what is considered to be “respect” for PLO agreements such that anything Haniyeh does is OK?]

An excerpt from The signing of the Mecca agreement :

Mecca – Ma’an exclusive – Fatah and Hamas have signed the Mecca agreement. The media advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil ‘Amr, read the text of the agreement and the letter of assignment to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

The following came in the agreement text:

. Assuring the prohibition of Palestinian bloodshed and the assurance of national unity to
achieve the legitimate aims of the Palestinian people.

. Agreeing on counting the language of dialogue as the basis for solving all conflicts
between brothers.

. Agreeing on establishing a unity government and to start taking constitutional procedures to its dedication immediately.

. Agreeing on proceeding in the procedures of reform of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) based on the Cairo agreements and the Damascus announcement.

. Assuring the principle of political partnership on the basis of political pluralism.

Signed in Holy Mecca on 21
Muharam, 1428 in the hegira (Islamic) calendar
[8th of February, 2007 A.D.]

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