Shopping-district attack kills 31 Iraqis

Stop the presses! Alert the media!

Iraqi Sunni Muslims are…targeting Muslim civilians! Expect an immense outcry from the Islamic world, condemning them roundly!

What’s that? There won’t be an outcry? This charge is only a stick used to beat the Israelis and Americans, despite the fact that jihadists stage their attacks from civilian areas in order to provoke responses they can use to score propaganda points? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

From JihadWatch, from the Los Angeles Times via the Seattle Times:

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A multi-pronged attack on one of the city’s most well-heeled quarters Thursday killed at least 31 Iraqi civilians and left behind scores of wounded, most of them moderate, middle-class Shiite Muslims shopping in one of the capital’s only vibrant commercial districts.

At least five blasts struck the Karradah area of central Baghdad, including a devastating car bomb that set shops ablaze and incinerated passers-by along a crowded strip of butcher shops.

Muslims, 0. Civilization, 1.

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