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Folks, Banagor is back. Here’s what I wrote in response to his comeback brilliant post Shining full plate and a good broadsword:

“A b s o l u t e l y brilliant post. Good grief, man, you are so right and so effin on the money and more than that, a great voice that has been sorely missed. I really did think you were not coming back, but man, you came back. You came back, fully loaded, you nailed it on the head, and every effin person should be reading your work and your ideas because you are absolutely damn right. I applaud you and hope that you stay this course because you light fires, man, you light god damned fires and that’s what we need in this world. Some of us are leaders and some of us are followers, but man, you are a leader. Yeah, it’s a big responsibility and not everyone who owns a blog can write and pull it off like you can. Stay on course, good buddy. Stay the course. Yeah, it sucks out there, it’s depressing, and we ARE losing; we are losing to butchers and to animals who sacrifice their young, to snakes and reptilian cultures, we are losing to the unevolved, it is a catstrophe, a god damned tragedy. I too have lost my desire to post passionately like I used to, but your effin passion, your words can ignite a volcano. Do you understand what you have accomplished? It’s a gift what you got. A gift. An effin gift. A hearty Welcome back.”

Folks, please read Banagor. Just do as I say, and read him. There aren’t too many blogs out there that demand to be read, but Banagor’s must be read. It is your duty.

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