Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi Address to the Founding Session of the New Jewish Congress

If only Israel’s leaders were as passionate about Israel as the righteous Sheikh Palazzi.

copyright (c) 2007 by Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi


Honorable Members of the Sanhedrin,
Distinguished Rabbis, Professors, leaders and activists of Jewish Organizations,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Shalom from Rome to all of you,

I regret being unable to personally participate in the founding session of the New Jewish Congress. I want to assure each one of you that my heart is with you during these tragic times in which the Jewish People now lives. I pray that this crisis will be resolved soon with the emergence of a new Jewish leadership, able to prove that the Zionist dream is still alive.

The hope of the Jewish People to live in peace and security in the Land of Israel was not extinguished in the past by mighty empires. Nor will it be extinguished today by the joint efforts of Arab dictators, U.S. politicians who are subservient to their diktat, and corrupt, collaborationist Israeli politicians bowing in surrender at Annapolis.

The nightmare which started with the Oslo agreement has not yet ended. Every decent human being who analyzes the reality in good faith will easily admit that the attempt to steal Jewish Land in order to create a “state” for P.L.O. gangsters caused tragic consequences, to the point that even Arabs in P.A.-occupied territories already realized what they had lost in terms of freedom since the day parts of Judea and Samaria were surrendered to Arafat.

The role played by a U.S. administration subservient to the interests of America’s oil lobby is completely unmasked. George W. Bush claims to lead a “War on Terror”, or a war against “Islamofascism” [“Saudi” Arabian Salafi/Wahhabism] . In the Middle East he is actually leading a war to damage America’s only reliable ally and to reward terrorists and their “Islamofascist” [“Saudi” Arabian Salafi/Wahhabi] financiers.

Beyond propaganda, the reality of today’s world is that the 9/11 terror attacks made their Saudi masterminds even more powerful than before. The Bush administration covers up the role that the princes who now rule “Saudi” Arabia had in financing [Salafi/Wahhabi] al-Qaeda from the very beginning.

The real boss behind Bin Laden, former “crown” “prince” Abdullah, now rules as “king” of “Saudi” Arabia and dictates to Bush what to do in order to avoid further attacks against America. This is one of the reasons why, while Western media speak of a “Road Map”, Arab media call the Saudi plan being put into effect in Annapolis to cut Israel into pieces by its real name, “Abdullah’s Plan”.

The strategy of the Bush administration consists in “feeding the crocodile, hoping we will be the last ones to be eaten”. The sacrificial bait the White House offers the Saudi masterminds of “Islamofascism” [Salafi/Wahhabism] is Israel.

Everyone knows that once a “Palestinian” state is created, [Salafi/Wahhabi] Hamas [“Palestinian” branch of the international Salafi/Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood, sister organization of Salafi/Wahhabi al Qaeda] will immediately take control of it, just as happened in Gaza.

Once one gives Judea and Samaria to the “Palestinian” Authority, he will soon have [Salafi/Wahhabi] Hamas in control of Judea and Samaria. Once one gives Jerusalem to the “Palestinian” Authority, he will have [Salafi/Wahhabi] Hamas in control of Jerusalem, too. That would spell ruin for Israelis and Arabs alike. Gaza today is a chilling example of the barbarism that will prevail in parts of the Land of Israel stolen from the Jewish People tomorrow.

I am describing a reality which is easily understandable. One does not need to be an “expert” or politician to understand it. George Bush and Condoleeza Rice know it very well, surely better than I do, and so do Ehud Olmert and those members of the so-called Israeli “national camp” who do nothing to prevent this tragedy.

Bush, in particular, claims to read the Bible every day, but seems unable to understand that, according to that same Bible he reads, the Land of Israel was gifted by G-d to the Children of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. The Land of Israel was not given to anyone else — including the descendants of Ishmael — who received plenty of territory to live elsewhere.

Consequently, whoever tries to steal its Divinely-appointed heritage from the Jewish People is not simply declaring war again one nation or another, but against G-d Himself and His Divine Decrees. The United States received abundant Divine blessings as long as it defended the rights of the Jewish People to its Land. The Soviet Union, which stood for the destruction of Israel, vanished from world maps.

Should the United States change its foreign policy to oppose God Himself, if it chooses to gift Judea, Samaria and even Jerusalem to those who burn U.S. flags, the flow of Divine blessings to America will also change. It is the moral duty of every U.S. citizen to prevent their country from being transformed, as it is now being transformed, into a Destroyer of Israel.

It is the moral duty of every Jew, in Israel or the Diaspora, to oppose self-proclaimed Jewish “leaders” who cooperate in stealing a Divine heritage from their own People.

As for those who today take upon themselves the task and responsibility to shape a new Jewish leadership, a leadership which is able to defend those areas of the Land of Israel which were liberated through enduring efforts and personal sacrifice, I pray G-d bless them in assuming the role of Light to the Nations, and in preparing the path of Redemption by saving the whole Land of Israel from repeated attempts at usurpation.

Shalom and Blessings from Rome,

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi

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Secretary General,

Advisory Council Member,
(Professor Nahum Rakover, Founder and President, Jewish Legal Heritage Society;
Former Deputy Attorney General, State of Israel; Former Advisor to the Knesset on Jewish Law;
Professor of Law Emeritus, Bar-Ilan University)

Muslim Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Root & Branch Association, Ltd.