Sharon: We Are Not in the Road Map Yet

Sharon still surprises me. He confuses me, angers me, saddens me, shocks me, reviles me, stuns me, and still, he suprises me.

Listen to this: In an interview published Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon said: “The only plan that exists is the road map. We are not in the road map yet. We are in the pre-road map phase now. To enter the road map, there should be a full cessation of terror, hostilities, and incitement. The Palestinian Authority should dismantle the terrorist organizations, collect their weapons, and implement serious reforms in [the] security [services]. Once they take these steps, we will be able to start negotiations along the road map plan….We’re not going to have another disengagement.”

Folks, there should never have been even one disengagement. Sharon should never have given anything to the palestinians. Not land, not water, not food, not medicine, not air, not fuel, not electricity, and most of all, not any acknowledgement that a “palestinian people” exist. The palestinians have not done anything to deserve the gift of Gaza. They have not eradicated terror cells, they have not protected Israel’s Holy sites, and they have not amended the hateful and racist Palestinian National Charter. So, Sharon’s comment is just a little too late, for the cow is already out of the barn, yet it would be heartening to know for sure that there will never ever be another disengagement.

Ariel Sharon, if only we had a crystal ball…

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