Shari’a totalitarianism is coming to your neighborhood

With no thanks to American liberals and those who pander to islam, with no thanks to arabists and palestiniasts who look at Jews as second-class world citizens, with no thanks to those who have forgotten the 3,000 who were murdered on 9-11 by Muslim barbarians, with no thanks to the Jew-haters at DailyKos and the stooges at Huffington Post, with no thanks to the detestable Jews of Neturei Karta and left-wing rabbis and their foolish congregations, with no thanks to Leslie Cagan, Peace Now, Adam Shapiro, Ron Kuby, Sheldon Cohen and other self-loathing Jews, America has gone soft on Islam’s inherent terrorist and political ideology. Now that the climate has been set, shari‘a is coming at the West every which way, from economic institutions to hotels, from harems to law courts, no-go areas to no-freedom of speech codes. What American will have the courage to resist this cancer and eradicate it?

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