“Sergei Haim” is confused

Today I received two conflicting posts from the same person, “Sergei Haim”, email: sergei@gmail.com, both originating from IP:, which is an address originating out of Syria. Here’s what Sergei wrote in the first post:

we are here to state that we jews have the complete right to exist in this world, and have our legitimate and sovereign country, which we are the only democratic and free country in the whole region. we like to live in peace if ever our neighbors want to have peace,

How nice, I thought. But that’s not the first time I’ve been wrong. Here’s what the little puke wrote in the second post:

it is time to germans start to ask their rights, you have been victimized ever since your country been bombed and razed by allied forces, they did it by encouragement of zionist forces. and ever since the you have not been freed, even more today the zionists are trying to eliminate your national pride, it is every nations duty to preserve its national identity and pride, as muxh as juden are doing ever since 1948, so do not stop your national feelings, and demand your rights of free speech and do not be fooled by anti semitic bullshits, that they always try to gain thwe jesish zionist agenda. Amerika became a victim of zionists, dictating everything what the zionist lobby tells tehm to do, Bush is a typicall puppet for them, and the christian zionists and the jewish lobby has to be stopped in order to bring peace to this world. otherwise we arew all heading towards big katastrophs, which zionism is planned. do not follow to their traps, open up and stand to your national rights. jews are the biggest and dangerous viruses to the human race

“Sergei” sounds like a pimp for Islam. Hopefully he’ll find a doctor who could cure his bipolar disorder. Or better yet, let’s hope he throws himself off a cliff. Don’t all lemmings do that?

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