Selected Translations of Video Message of Al-Qaeda’s Abu Hajer

From Site Institute:

On April 27, 2004, the number one wanted man chased by the security forces in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Bin Issa Al Mukarran known as Abu Hajer, broadcast an internet video message on al-Qaeda’s online mouthpiece, “The Center for Islamic Studies and Research,” in which Abu Hajer called upon the mujahideen to fight the Americans wherever they are.

He said, “The Mujahideen’s first target is the Crusaders. As for their agents, the apostate Governors, their time will come soon, after we have finished with their masters. The martyrs convoys are continuing.”

He also stated, “Let the world know, and let America and its allies know that, with the help of God, we are on our way. When we strike, it is God who is striking. We are here to complete the mission started by our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him and his company) when they conquered the world and freed it from adoring slaves to adoring their Master. Let them know that our Jihad shall continue until they run out of strength, and God is stronger…”

“Let America know that those who forced it out of Somalia, struck it in Kenya and Tanzania, drowned its battleship in Eden, and made an example to the world out of it in Manhattan, those are thankfully still strong and are getting stronger in their determination and Jihad for the way of God and victory. Let America know that those who are fighting it in Afghanistan and are rubbing its nose in the mud in Iraq, will not accept the occupation of the Al Haramain territory. They will not accept establishing Crusaders’ military bases in it. Americans, since you dared Islam and Muslims, and planted your bases in the Arab Peninsula, the peninsula of Mohammad (Peace be on him). You ate its wealth and graces, and planted your agents in its. You went further in daring the Muslims by striking them in Afghanistan and Iraq using Al Haramain country for your operations. Because of all the above, we are everywhere watching you, planning our strikes. What you have seen so far, was nothing but small challenges. You have not had yet the real battle. It just started today.”

He continued in his address to the Mujahideen saying: “Mujahideen for the sake of God, your day has come. This is your enemy occupying your land, controlling its agents the apostates, using it as a base to fight Islam and Muslims. Fight them until you see their blood and their pieces as they did to your brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they are fighting their battles in the Arab Peninsula. Mujahideen, fight the Americans everywhere, with all of your power. Fight them as they fought you. Scare them as they scared your brothers. Make them cry as they made the widows and orphans cry. Fight whoever comes between you and the Americans, and agreed to fight the Mujahideen in defense of the assaulting Crusaders. Purify your path from them.”


Folks, I thought the widows and orphans cry because it was Islam which joyfully mutilates the widow’s clitoris and honor kills the daughters, sisters, and mothers. Sheesh, talk about transference. Who woulda thunk it?

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