Seder Yom Ha’atzmaut A Yom Ha’atzmaut Haggadah

Israel’s Independence Day – Yom Ha’atzmaut – is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Iyar, which is the Hebrew date of the formal establishment of the state, when members of the “provisional government” read and signed a Declaration of Independence in Tel Aviv. The original date corresponded to May 14, 1948.

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) received several queries about a Haggadah and Seder for Yom Ha’atzmaut. There are a few of these on the market, but none online so JAFI decided to bring you their compilation ideas. JAFI requests that you please feel free to adapt these ideas to your own needs and setting.

What you will need:

A festive table, to be set with a Megillat Ha’atzmaut [Israel Declaration of Independence] runner tablecloth and items from the Yom Ha’atzmaut Kit, after opening the kit and doing one or two ice-breaker activities; preferably, also, a home-made Israeli flag for every participant on their plate!

The entire table will be your “Seder plate”, consisting of items from the kit and special items of food*.

*Pitta bread, humus, tehina; items of Israeli cuisine, wine or grape juice from Israel for 4 cups of wine / juice; your Festive Seder meal; decorations, wineglasses for everyone; Herzl cup of wine; An empty place for Israel’s missing and captive soldiers; Your home-made Haggadah – please see below! Please treat it with respect, because it contains blessings

Haggadah Compilation Notes:

Prepare the titles of each section, for the outline order [adapt from the chart below];
Copy the related texts to be read aloud for everyone, in the correct order.
Hebrew-English texts that have been linked should be downloaded, too; attached files [e.g.: 12 honorees for torchlighting; tefillot].

* Background texts for participants to read should be distributed ahead of time, as specified below.
* Participants who are to take roles will require advance print copies of the resources / linked texts and some time to think about them.

You may also prefer to compose your own Dayeinu prior to the event…

Music Notes:

Downloads of audio files, preferably to CD and CD player.

For more information about songs:

Please download pages Birkat Hamazon, Hallel pages and other readings from the links provided.

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