Scores killed in Bombay bombings

Once again, Muslims prove what they do best. Seven explosions rock India’s commuter rail network during Tuesday’s evening rush hour, ripping apart train compartments and reportedly killing at least 160 and injuring 439, Bombay police say. Officials claim terrorists were behind attacks. Eight explosions ripped through packed commuter trains during rush hour Tuesday in India’s commercial capital, killing nearly 160 people and injuring another 439 in what officials said was a well-coordinated bomb attack by terrorists.

India’s major cities were put on high alert after the blasts, which appeared timed to impose maximum carnage in the bustling city of 16 million. Its crowded rail network – carrying more than 6 million people a day – was thrown into chaos by the blasts and authorities were struggling to determine the impact.

Who did this? Muslims.

“Muslims”. But be quiet about it. The word “muslims” is whispered in the same way that one whispers the phrase “he has cancer”. Surely Islam is a virus. May we all benefit from a cure as soon as possible.

Of course a Muslim from Pakistan on Ynet’s forum wrote “Moslems are not behind this attacks, only Mossad is interested in doing this to damage the peaceful image of islam. India must find the Mossad agents who did this. They did it to their people in Iraq in 1950s to make them immigarate to Palestine and they bomb americans in egypt in the Navon scandals so they did it before “.

Shyeah, riiiiiiight. Schmuck.

I replied:

Listen well, fraud. The world is beginning to see what Islam is. Islam is nothing more than a project to demonize non-muslims. Your founder, your own historic records, and your present followers have done more than a good job on that one.

Tell me, fraud: if Israel is responsible for Muslim wrath, please tell me what Israel did to encourage Syria to swallow Lebanon, to encourage Saddam Hussein to unleash a bloodbath against Iran, to encourage Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, to encourage Kuwait to expel hundreds of thousands of “palestinians”, to encourage the Taliban to destroy the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, to encourage the slaughter of Christians in the Sudan, to encourage the bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, to encourage church bombings in Pakistan, or to blow up 150 Indians on the railroad system today in Bombay.

Looks to me like your man-god is nothing but a little puke for having inserted institutionalized homicide as a precept of your quote unquote religion. Why you follow him at all 1400 years later could not possibly be because he preached loving-kindness, that’s for certain.

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