Scientology-Linked Group Infiltrates Israeli Summer Camps

A group teaching the core of values as outlined by Church of Scientology weirdo L. Ron Hubbard has been conducting workshops at Israeli summer camps this month without the knowledge of the children’s parents. News First Class, an online Israeli news agency, learned that at many of those camps, the children are getting morning lectures by volunteers from the Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East (APSME), a group that promotes Hubbard’s teachings. At the end of the lectures, the children were all given copies of Hubbard’s booklet, The Way to Happiness, and a wall poster containing its main points. In 2003, Israel’s Ministry of Education ruled that The Way to Happiness is not to be used in Israeli schools, following efforts by the APSME to have the Hebrew version of the booklet included in the official school curriculum.Only in Israel could the cult of Scientology overrule the 10 Commandments.

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