Save Gush Katif


Monumental decisions are being made in Israel that affect all of world Jewry and how we respond as Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora will affect the outcome. The goal of is to increase awareness of the issues at hand so the average citizen is fully informed as to how the proposed disengagement can actually affect the everyday lives of Jews in the Diaspora, affect the security of Israeli citizens, as well as change the entire geo-political landscape.

Jews outside of Israel are not particularly focused on this issue and Jews within Israel do not have the full picture. Regardless of political persuasion and religious affiliation, these critical issues need to be brought to the forefront so fully informed decisions can be made. Oftentimes the news coming from Israel regarding the proposed expulsion is inaccurately presented and misrepresents the realities on the ground. We believe that by bringing these issues to the forefront, Diaspora Jewry and the American public at large will be overwhelmingly against the expulsion plan when they realize the major security threat that this plan could create. As a result, a ground swell of public opinion could derail the expulsion plan.

Our job is to empower people to take any number of constructive actions to help avert the expulsion and to provide them with the means to do so. Whether that means writing a check, hosting a parlor meeting, discussing the issue while standing on line at the market or putting a bumper sticker on your car, all constructive action is cumulative and will lead us to success, with G-d’s help.

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