An IDF officer was rescued Monday afternoon by Palestinian Authority police officers after he mistakenly entered Jenin.

It’s a shame when Jews can’t enter their own Jenin, thought to be the site of the Israelite village of En-gannim (עין גנים), mentioned in the Jewish Bible.

But like everything else Islam has hijacked, Islam has also hijacked Jenin.

The officer, a major serving in the army’s Central Command, was on his way to the Mevo Dotan settlement in the northern West Bank but accidentally drove into Jenin, located seven miles northeast of the settlement.

Local Palestinian residents who noticed the officer driving into the city hurled rocks at his car, forced him out and began beating him.

A Palestinian policeman spotted the angry mob and called for backup. The security officers struggled to reach the battered officer and several shots were apparently fired before they managed to extract him from the crowd moments before his vehicle was set aflame.

Shortly after the incident the Islamic Jihad angrily accused the PA Preventive Security forces of thwarting an attempt by the organization to kidnap the officer in the heart of Jenin.
It’s horrific that an Arab from the disputed territories can safely walk into Jewish towns, whereas a Jew almost definitely would be hurt, maimed or killed doing the same in an Arab town.
This inversion of balance and absolute disrespect for the value of a Jewish life must be addressed by Muslim society and culture.

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