Saul, David and Sharon

Batya, over at Shiloh Musings, has posted a striking article on the similarities contained in the compelling narrative of Samuel the Prophet, the man who anointed the first Kings of Israel, Saul, and soon after, David, and Israel’s leaders today.

Batya writes,

“David wrote some of his most moving T’hilim, psalms, when he was trying to avoid Saul’s persecution and murder attempts.

I strongly feel that we are in those times again. We are reliving the times when Saul was chasing David, trying to kill him and all who followed him.

Reading our once and forever history book, the Bible, we learn that because he didn’t follow G-d’s commandments, Saul loses Samuel’s backing in one of most pathetic scenes in the Bible and secular literature. The once kingly Saul crying, begging, pleading and grabbing Samuel’s cloak, willing to do anything just to remain king (First Samuel 15, 22-35.) It ends with G-d being sorry for ever having had appointed Saul king.”

“If we continue to follow our ancient history, then our troubles won’t be over for a while. It took quite a few years for David to begin his reign over the entire Jewish Nation. Our struggle is far from over, but as long as we follow G-d’s commandments, b’ezrat Hashem, t’hiyeh Geula shleimah, b’mheira, b’yameinu, With G-d’s help, there will be a complete redemption in our day, soon.”

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