Saudi Osama backers plan Christmas in U.S.

Terror apologists, diplomats to attend Houston conference

Two Saudi Arabian Muslim extremists – both backers of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terror network – are planning to visit the United States this Christmas and are scheduled to speak at a conference in Houston.

According to the Saudi Information Agency (SIA), an independent news service critical of the Riyadh regime, at least two Saudi diplomats will join Sheikh Abdallah Ibn Jebreeen and Sheikh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajid, Wahhabi clerics who praise bin Laden.

SIA said Ibn Jebreen issued at least two fatwas in support of the Taliban and encouraged young people to enlist in al-Qaida. He issued another fatwa calling on Saudis to aid Iraqis fighting U.S. forces.

Al-Munajid owns a website that preaches hatred for Christians, Jews and Shiite Muslims.


Gee, we wonder if Peter Jennings will attend the conference. He seemed so sad today, now that one of his favorite protagonists has been captured. We guess he and Hanan Ashwari, the palestinian spokeswoman who is also rumored to be his ex-lover, will have a good cry in their beer and will discuss how the violence of the intifada really emanates from the “occupation” and he will giggle as she snarls for the Israelis to “return to their origin countries”, and he will nod in agreement when she rhetorically spouts that on the official maps of the P.A. there is no Israel, only “occupied palestine”.

There is no “occupation” unless you’re a liar.

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