Satmars denounce Jewish Shoah conference attendies

Satmars denounce Jewish Shoah conference attendies

Six Jews who attended a Holocaust denial conference in Iran have come under intense criticism over the visit, with one of the world’s largest Hasidic groups denouncing them as “reckless outcasts.”

The Jews who went to Iran “trampled on the memory of their ancestors and people. They embraced the disciplines and followers of their murderers,” said a statement from the Satmar leaders of Congregation
Yetev Lev in Brooklyn.

The Jews who attended the conference are often confused with the Satmars, who also are anti-Zionist but acknowledge that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

The Satmars say there is no connection between them and Neturei Karta, a group that sent a half-dozen delegates to this week’s conference in Teheran under the banner Jews United Against Zionism.
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Satmar Hassidism calls on public to shun Neturei Karta reps who visited Iran

The Satmar Hassidism Court published a statement Thursday night calling on the public to disassociate themselves from the Neturei Karta members who visited Iran to attend the Holocaust denial conference this week.

The statement called the participation at the conference “an act of madness,” and urged the public “to keep away from them and condemn their actions.” (Neta Sela)

Rightist distributes flyers calling for boycott of Neturei Karta

Members of the Front for National Judaism called for a boycott of Neturei Karta and distributed fliers to this effect entitled “Leave the tents of these evil people.”

The fliers feature a picture of a Neturei Karta rabbi, sitting between two women and waiting for a turn to meet with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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