Saddest Tisha Ba’av – reports of more casualties

Received by email:
As we approach the final hours of Tisha Ba’av here in Israel, unfortunately, the news to be released after Tisha Ba’av will not be good for our nation and its families of soldiers.

Hashem yerachem

3 dead IDF, 8 dead civilians in Maalot and Acco from rockets of Hibollah olmert refuses to do KOSOVO or DRESDEN style massive aerial bombing without any further regard to any civilian terrorists in Lebanon and to wipe out all the villages in S. Lebanon from where the katyushas are being sent from Lebanese civilian populations and refuses to carpet bomb all hizbollah strongholds and make parking lots in s. lebanon.

he prefers to risk more IDF soldiers in ground battles…

call your local Israeli consulate and register your demand to ask the Israeli government to begin ‘Kosovo style’ conclusion to this war.

forget CNN and BBC…they don’t have to sit shiva with the families here…and don’t worry about world opinion. The world had no opinion in 1943 either…

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