Saddam’s Mass Grave

Since its liberation, over 200 grave sites have been discovered throughout Iraq, containing from a few to15,000 corpses each. Iraq has the largest number of mass graves in the world.

“Saddam’s Mass Graves” is a film which brings the harsh reality of life under Saddam Hussein’s regime. This is a film to be seen so that one can bear witness to the extent of Saddam’s tyranny and cruelty, and understand why he had to be removed. Bearing witness to truth is something that the mendacious Michael “Lipitor” Moore and John “Dopes are on the way” Kerry wouldn’t dare have the courage to proclaim.

“Saddam’s Mass Graves” was directed and produced by Jano Rosebiani, a Kurdish-Iraqi-American and award winning filmmaker. Since the war to ouster Saddam Hussein, Rosebiani has traveled across Iraq documenting the little known facts about the reality of Iraq in the past three decades, culminating in two powerful documentaries, Saddam’s Mass Graves and Chemical Ali. Rosebiani currently lives in Kurdistan of Iraq where he is making a new film due in autumn of this year.


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