Saddam’s daily horrors make America’s Abu Ghraib abuses seem almost trivial

Folks, you need to understand what a mad man Saddam Hussein was.

Screened for reporters last week by Washington’s American Enterprise Institute, the 4-plus-minute video clip, reportedly obtained from the Pentagon, captures the routine beating, torture, dismemberment and decapitation that occurred daily at the hands of Saddam’s henchmen.

However, only a handful of reporters showed up to see the new video, and even fewer reported on it.

Folks, you need to celebrate George Bush, who has the courage to stand behind his convictions concerning Saddam’s capture and containment.

Click here to read what Deborah Orin, of the NY Post, wrote of “savage scenes of decapitation, fingers chopped off one by one, tongues hacked out with a razor blade – all while victims shriek in pain and the thugs chant Saddam’s praises.”

New video reveals real torture scandal by Hussein

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