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Russians Call for Ban on Jewish Groups

Folks, if any of you have a logical explanation why some 5,000 Christian Orthodox activists in Russia have petitioned the State Prosecutor’s Office to outlaw Jewish organizations in the country, I’d like to hear it. Israeli Foreign Ministry official Nimrod Barkan said, “The situation in Russia is the best it has been in recent years as far as anti-Semitism is concerned, but it is still worrying.” “What is particularly troubling is that the Russian authorities are not doing all they can to launch a vigorous campaign against anti-Semitic activity.” In 2004 some 155 anti-Semitic incidents occurred in Russia, compared to 83 in 2003. “There are only 300,000 Jews in Russia…but they hold a mythical role in the Russian perception,” said Barkan. Russians Call for Ban on Jewish Groups

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