Routine betrayal of our country’s secrets: the new CIA report

Via David Horowitz’s blog:

According to a front page story in Sunday’s Times, dozens of intelligence officials talked out of school to a New York Times reporter about national secrets with the obvious (though unreported) intention of undermining the Bush Administration’s foreign policy on Iraq. According to them an intelligence report is claiming that Bush’s policies are increasing terrorism rather than defeating it. Of course, we don’t even know what the intelligence report claims because it’s still classified. All we know is what these rogue elements are claiming — and it is their claims that are reported as “news” in the lead feature of today’s Times.

The claim that George Bush creates the terrorists is a convenient idea for the appeasement crowd that is trying to unseat Republicans in the fall elections so that Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers can control the House and spend the next two years sabotaging America’s war effort through endless investigations and impeachment hearings. This is the Fifth Column’s master plan and there is unquestionable an element of the intelligence community that wants to help them. Senator John Kerry who has already betrayed us in one war has already jumped on this story to lead the pack. The real question is whether we are going to allow our constitutional system to be dismantled by its enemies at the New York Times and in the Democratic Party and in the political left generally, and are we going let them undermine our war against the terrorists in the process?

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