Rockets rain down on Negev but the American Jew-hating left remains silent

Folks, here are two more articles on palestinians doing what they do best, Rockets Rain Down on Negev and Palestinian Rocket Hits Kibbutz Restaurant:

Palestinians in northern Gaza fired 11 Kassam rockets at Israel on Sunday. Four rockets landed near the town of Sderot, one near a school in the town. Two rockets landed near kibbutzim. 132 rockets have been launched at Israel since Tuesday.

Where’s the outrage from the American Jew-hating Left? Nowhere, because if Jews are getting killed, then those putzes identified below will get paid to write more articles about how bad America and Israel are.

Check out the American-hating misanthropes who use the platforms of the Islamic enemy as launching pads for their own attacks against the US and Israel. These are unidicted traitors of America, much like Jane Fonda was, who have a desperate psychological need to overcome early parental rejection, to acquire a sense of identity and self esteem, and to fill their empty value system.

Excerpted from the excellent Platforms of the Enemy:

Consider Kurt Nimmo, a resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico and publisher of the political blog “Another Day in the Empire.” Nimmo also writes for CounterPunch, a website run by Alexander Cockburn, the adoring scion of one of Stalin’s most notorious journalistic agents, a supporter of the Soviet empire to the end of its days, and in the present conflict a self-declared enemy of his adopted country in its effort to defend itself against Islamo-fascism.

Consider Dave Lindorff, another writer for CounterPunch whose work appears on Uruknet. In a recently posted article, he wrote: “We know now that when Dick Cheney makes a foreign policy or war policy decision regarding Iraq or Iran or Saudi Arabia, he is really thinking about what it will do for Halliburton and Dubai—and for Dick Cheney.” According to Lindorff, a U.S. invasion of Iran is likely to occur this spring—not for national security reasons but for the financial benefits it could yield the Bush administration and its cronies, “since such a war would inevitably include the destruction of much of Iran’s state-owned oil industry, it would represent a huge new business opportunity for Halliburton…”

Consider Chicago-based blogger Stephen Lendman, who describes himself as “a 72 year old, retired, progressive small businessman” [who sympathizes with the oppressed palestinians.] In a recent post, Lendman wrote that the Islamic terrorist threat facing America was provoked entirely by U.S. aggression: “Ending the [terrorist] threat is simple….Stop attacking them, and they won’t hit back.”

Consider Jason Miller, who administers the blog Thomas Paine’s Corner, describes himself as “a wage slave of the American Empire who has freed himself intellectually and spiritually” and who wrote that “by and large, those labeled ‘terrorists’ by the Bush administration…are people who are simply using ‘asymmetrical warfare’ to resist the ongoing oppression, exploitation and subjugation of an imperialist aggressor.” According to Miller, “the moneyed elite have contrived the ‘War on Terror’ as an attack on those bold enough to violently oppose their enslavement,” and “the latest campaign to enforce Pax Americana is simply a new front in the ‘War on the Poor and Oppressed.’”

Consider Robert Weitzel, a Wisconsin-based writer whose work has been published on the progressive website CommonDreams and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In mid-March, Uruknet posted a Weitzel article accusing the United States of “waging a ‘low yield’ nuclear war that has been killing civilians for almost two decades” and inflicting “insidious long-term effects on both combatants and civilians.”

Consider Jane Cutter, an organizer for the International ANSWER anti-war coalition, recently complained on Uruknet that “[the] corporate-owned media not only parroted the U.S. imperialist line on the war, but fabricated stories on behalf of those who wanted to create a pretext for war.”

Al-Ahram, a government-controlled Egyptian weekly newspaper that has established a firm reputation for its anti-American, anti-Israel perspectives, is another enemy platform for U.S.-based critics of the war in Iraq. As FrontPage contributor Alyssa Lappen reported, Al-Ahram “routinely features anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, likens Israeli leaders to Nazis, and praises suicide bombings.” Many Al-Ahram articles also liken the United States to Nazi Germany; portray American officials as war criminals; charge that the 9/11 attacks were in fact staged by the U.S. government; accuse the CIA and the Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency) of having introduced the AIDS virus to Africa; claim that Jews had foreknowledge of the 9/11 plot and thus “none of them were there [at the World Trade Center] on the day of the incident”; and suggest that “what happened to the Jews of Germany, Poland, and Russia, was justified” because “they [Jews] kindle the people’s hatred and hostility and, as a result, people turn against them.” Not long ago, Al-Ahram’s editor Ibrahim Nafie was sued in France for publishing a piece claiming that Jewish religious rituals require the use of Christian children’s blood. Clearly, it would be difficult for a writer to find an uglier, more hateful forum in which to publish his work than Al-Ahram.

Al-Ahram is also a platform for Said disciple and Columbia University colleague Joseph Massad, an associate professor of modern Arab politics. In addition to his teaching duties, Massad is a contributing writer for Al-Ahram, where he recently condemned America’s alleged inherent “misogyn[y]” and “violent racism,” its predatory “imperial ventures,” and its “unyielding sadism against those who have the misfortune of living under its occupation.”

Another Columbia academic and Said disciple, Hamid Dabashi, professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature, has written numerous Al-Ahram articles damning “the madness of U.S. military adventurism around the globe”; accusing America of “global warmongering” and “making a mess around the world, with no moral or political accountability for the terror that it is perpetrating on humanity at large.”

Folks, who are these hate criminals to determine that all of the United State’s good works are irrelevant? How do they dare to nullify all the lives we have made better, as if they aren’t worth ink on paper? Our country is an arena for many people to succeed where they otherwise would never have a chance, and the lefties refuse to acknowledge that because it doesn’t suit their agenda. How about some intellectual honesty on their part, where they acknowledge our foundational goodness? And how about some humanity where they look at our mistakes as places where we need improvement, not excuses to crap on us? What kind of caretaker are they claiming to be? What do they hope to accomplish by beating the US down, rather than propping us up? A better world? Give me a break. Talk about short-sightedness.

If we pay close attention to all the great things we’ve done, all the way down to the grassroots, and all that we share rather than hoard, the only logical conclusion is that there a lot about the US that is good and which deserves to be a fundamental part of the equation, especially in the face of such an obvious agenda to swing the pendulum in the direction of our enemies.

There is always room for improvement, but overall, yeah, we’re the good guys. If we’re so oppressive, and our negative qualities define us, why do so many people they say we oppress seem to rush here at first chance, like Kurt Nimmo? It’s because they like us, get it Kurt? Go live in a multiethnic city, full of immigrants that are thrilled to live here. Talk to them. Get their stories. Then tell me whom, exactly, the horrendous United States represents, dumbass libtards.

How these lowlifes have been able to fly under the radar of behavior that years ago would have riled Americans, continues to rile me and their hatred of good things American and Jewish, is beneath contempt. The only thing that reassures me about detestable, loathsome hate criminals like the ones mentioned above, is the knowledge that what goes around comes around. It’s just a matter of time.

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