Rockets in Sderot

An excerpt from Rockets in Sderot:

I’m sitting in the back of a synagogue in Sderot on Friday night when I hear the siren go off. We have about 15 seconds to seek shelter. The congregants carry on praying and pay little attention to the siren. After 27 seconds, the synagogue shook with a loud thud. Everyone jumped out of their seats. The rocket came down close – real close. It fell 100 meters from the synagogue, in the backyard of a family home. Nearby car and home windows were shattered. A young boy on the sidewalk was wounded by shrapnel. Residents of Sderot and the region’s 45 communities have been living with this horrifying reality for more than five years. Sderot’s chief security officer showed me a map covered with dots indicating the places were the rockets have hit. He stopped putting dots on the map two years ago, because it was completely full. Would any other Western democratic nation put up with this?

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