Road map for France

The following was a letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post, written by Helen Freedman, of Americans For a Safe Israel. I think it is so good, it deserves to be reprinted:


France’s inability to stop the burning of Paris and other cities prompts me to suggest that the French follow the formula given to Israel for dealing with rioting Muslims.

First, a road map should be developed by the UN, the US, Russia and the other countries in the EU, excluding France, because obviously the concerned country is not capable of dealing with its own problem.

This road map would dictate removing all Frenchmen from the disputed areas, without taking time to worry about how they would rebuild their lives, because “Peace Now” is the important imperative.

France should then permit the creation of a separate Muslim state, living side by side with the French. This state would probably need to have at least half of Paris as its capital since, delving back into history, there would no doubt be the discovery that Paris is actually a holy Muslim city.

Since all these concessions would only whet the rioters’ appetites, the French would have to be prepared to continue giving away parts of their country under the threat of more violence. In exchange, President Chirac would be greeted warmly at the UN.

– Helen Freedman

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