Rights Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists

Folks, I’m delighted. The muslim-loving lawyer, Lynne Stewart, was convicted on all counts Thursday and faces up to 30 years in prison for using prison visits to help her client, radical Muslim cleric Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, pass messages to and from his terrorist followers in the Islamic Group.

Key to the case were hundreds of secretly recorded telephone conversations on which Ahmed Sattar, who served as the sheik’s paralegal, could be heard discussing how to circumvent administrative measures and gain the sheik’s support to end a cease-fire and return to violence.

And for folks who have been reading Smooth Stone for a while already know, I loathe Ron Kuby. Since he and Lynne both love to villify Israel and to denigrate Judaism, I post the following excerpt that David Horowitz wrote back in September, 2002:

“Progressives like Lynne Stewart are as a rule vacuous and pathetic people.

The “movement,” as she puts it “gives us a life.”

Ron Kuby, a “movement” attorney who like Stewart is a protege of Bill Kuntsler, the anti-American, racist, founder of the Center for Constitutional Rights, told the author of this Times article:

Movement lawyers “live vicariously through their clients [the words are those of the Times]. Movement lawyers identify especially with the people they represent.”

According to the Times article, Lynne Stewart, Ron Kuby and the lawyers for the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild — “progressives” all — have defended — in addition to Muslim and Palestinian terrorists, American terrorists like Terry Nichols and the Weather Underground, “drug dealers, cop killers, mentally ill assassins,” and other social predators — all in the name of “social justice.”

Most of these wretched activists are smart enough to lie whenever they are on public view. They pretend to be civil libertarians, Constitutionalists, advocates for the powerless and the despised. They never publicly admit to their own “revolutionary” agendas, their anti-Americanism, their hatred of white people and of Jews, their secret approval of criminal violence and their support for the agendas of the terrorists they defend.

Lynne Stewart has had the bad judgment to be honest, and her friends are drawing back from her to protect themselves. Stewart told the Times that the Pentagon was a “better target” than the World Trade Center because the people in it were more easily identified as people deserving death. The people in the towers “never knew what hit them. They had no idea that they could ever be a target for somebody’s wrath, just by virtue of being an American. They took it personally[!]. And actually it wasn’t a personal thing[!].” It was just a political statement.

Lynne Stewart represents a domestic version — an internal axis — of the evil we are at war with internationally. Americans need to understand that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden and their demented, hate-filled followers have allies in this country. The fifth column of sympathizers with our enemies who are actively abetting their attacks are more numerous now than they were during the Cold War. They are the enemy within. Lynne Stewart and her mentor Ramsey Clark, and lefty lawyers like Stewart’s colleagues Ron Kuby, Stanley Cohen and Michael Tigar are the face of that enemy. Americans should be on guard against them.

Rights Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists

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