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The Righteous of the Nations of the World

From AskMoses.com:
Jewish tradition teaches that in addition to the Jewish People, there are seventy archetypal nations. Each has its own unique role to play in the purpose of Creation. As we know, the righteous among the nations are meant to worship at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which is called “a house of prayer for all the nations.” For an individual to be considered righteous, in no way does Judaism require him to convert, but rather encourages him to acknowledge his identity and act as a responsible member of the “Children of Noah” (in Hebrew, “Bnei Noach”).
The Torah teaches that there are seven primary commandments for non-Jewish persons, each rich with spiritual significance. They include the negative commandments against idol worship, blasphemy, murder, sexual sins, theft, and the eating of flesh cut from a living animal, in addition to the positive command to establish courts of justice. (See What are the Seven Noahide Laws?) Today there is a growing social network of Bnei Noach, emphasizing Torah education for non-Jews and the support of Israel. One who strives to follow in this path is considered righteous in G-d’s eyes and a friend to the Jewish People.
For more information, go to Noahide.org or Asknoah.org.

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