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The “Right-to-Death” Advocates win another one

Folks, sadly, just as we suspected, this Whittemore judge has denied Terri Schiavo’s parents request to re-insert her feeding tube, citing that Terri already had her day in court. And yes, Whittemore was a Clinton appointee.

But the family must be devastated. May HaShem have mercy on this family. Just think folks. In the future, when we all get sick one day, just pray that you don’t have a family member who hates your guts, because all they will have to do is fabricate a story that you once stated that you don’t want to live via artificial means – and poof – the Jack Kervorkian judges will be right there to help you get murdered.

I don’t know what will happen next although the Schindler’s have a right to an immediate appeal.

It must be re-stated, folks:

The “husband’s” only concern is for the death of the “witness”, the only living witness that knows what happened to her, 15 years ago.

Michael Schiavo has a new family. The parents are begging to take care of Terri, so it would be no trouble to him to release her. The point here, folks, is that the “husband” won’t divorce Terri because then, he loses control of the “witness”. The only reason to want her dead is to kill a witness to murder. This case should be tried in a Criminal courtroom. That’s the sin here.

And let me ask you all another question; she lost consciousness 15 years ago under questionable circumstances due to an “eating disorder”. What is the name of this unnamed eating disorder? What is the diagnostic code? What evidence exists that she had an eating disorder?

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