Rice warns Israel: Don’t stop with Gaza; don’t create “Facts on the Ground” east of Jerusalem

From Rice Warns Israel: Don’t Stop with Gaza; Don’t Create “Facts on the Ground” East of Jerusalem:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters Saturday: “First we’re going to get through Gaza successfully. Because the real point about Gaza is not to stop with Gaza. The President has been clear, we’ve been clear with the Israelis that it cannot be Gaza only; there has to be a day after the successful withdrawal from Gaza.”

Q: While the focus is clearly going to be on Gaza, will you engage the Israelis on the settlement issue east of Jerusalem? Because…Sharon reiterated his intention to build those 3,500 homes [in Maale Adumim]?

Rice: “I will certainly say to the Israelis what we’ve continued to say to the Israelis, which is that the United States has very clear policy on this. They also have very clear obligations under the roadmap. And we don’t intend to give – we don’t intend that the Israelis try to create facts on the ground. They simply cannot engage in activities that are supposed to somehow prejudge a final status outcome.”

Thank you Condi, for that exemplary demonstration of what it’s like to betray Israel. I’d like to see you, Condi, be part of a government who would ask the black residents of Harlem to give up their homes to former and current members of the ku klux klan. Think you could do THAT, Condi?

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