The Rewards of Peace with Israel

The Rewards of Peace with Israel, from a Lebanese:

We Lebanese should do the obvious and honorable, and make a wholehearted peace with Israel. We need to end, once for all, and permanently, for the sake of all children, this futile bleeding conflict we were pushed into on behalf of the anti-civilization forces. We have lost 60 years of our lives, our brightest have emigrated, our country is ravished, left at the crossroad of partition, fighting for its life. Peace with Israel means opening new trade and shipping routes southward, with and through Israel, then to Jordan and Egypt, nations with open borders and honored peace treaties with Israel. Peace with Israel means economic cooperation, massive foreign investments, and faster economic development for Lebanon. All these beautiful possibilities are threatened by the current bloody Syrian dictatorship. There will be no peace for Lebanon, and by consequence none for Israel, unless the Assad dictatorship is defeated or brought to justice for its crimes.

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