What is Revava?

Revava is a Jewish grassroots organization whose goal is to restore self esteem to the state of Israel by restoring Jewish national pride and values.

For 2000 years we have been praying in the Musaf service: “Build your house as it once was and place your temple in its place…and return the priests to their service”. The place of the Temple is finally in our hands and still we can barely even go up to the Temple Mount. Any Jew who has ascended the mount recently, couldn’t help but notice the special attention paid to him by the wakf and even more so by the police.

The Israeli government enforces the policy of registering the name and ID number of any Jewish visitor of the site. And then, there are the embarrassing searches. No, they are not looking for weapons; their search concentrates on something much more dangerous — Prayer books and Psalms!

The police officers empty the pockets of the Jewish visitors and scrutinize every last scrap of paper. They even forbid entering with food, lest someone utter a blessing before he eats. After passing the registration and inspection, every Jew who wishes to enter the Temple Mount is filmed by a police video camera. Then, the police officer reads off the list of all the forbidden things to do while on the Temple Mount, such as: praying, bowing, eating, or anything else that might be construed to be of a religious or nationalist nature.

Recently I ascended the Mount with a group of 25 people. A secular undercover police officer was assigned to tail our “suspicious” group for over an hour. One of the participants nodded his head to show he understood the explanation of the tour guide. Interpreting this as “davening”, the Wakf immediately summoned the police. Yes, nodding your head can get you banished from the Temple Mount…

The Arabs understand that whoever controls the Temple Mount, controls the country. It is for this reason that they named their war against us “The Al Aksa Intifada”. They understand that the war is a religious one – Islam vs. Judaism. Instead of accepting this disgrace, we must increase the numbers of Jews who visit the site – in accordance with the laws of purity. Only massive ascension to the Mount while taking special care to ascend with ritual purity will unequivocally show the Arabs and our government that the Temple Mount is ours!

G-d willing, we will all go up to the Temple Mount en masse on Rosh Chodesh Nisan, 7:30 AM (Sunday). “Masses (Revava) to the Temple Mount” won’t only be a slogan, but a reality. Anyone who can help in this very important mission, should call Yisrael at this number

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