Reuters gets ‘award’ for bias

Reuters gets ‘award’ for bias

Kudos to Honest Reporting for nailing the Reuters news agency for the most dishonest reporting and coverage in 2003 of the Israeli-palestinian conflict.

Folks, in May 2002, the Israeli army arrested Reuters photographer Suhaib Jadallah Salem in the Gaza Strip, after a hand grenade was found in his car. Also, a Reuters’ cameraman was arrested in the West Bank, after Israel said he was “directly connected to enemy terrorist activities.”

Additionally, in a dispatch entitled “Israel Rejects U.N. Jenin Probe,” Reuters used a photo showing a body being dragged through the street. There’s no caption, so readers would naturally assume the photo is from Jenin — but in fact it is from Hebron, and depicts an Arab “collaborator” lynched by his fellow Arabs. See it at

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