Returning lost objects

Here is scripture from our Holy Book, the Torah, which proves that palestinians and Jews don’t believe in the same God.

In our Holy Book, it is written:

“If you see another person’s animal, you shall not hide from it; you must return it to the owner. If the owner is not known to you, then you should bring the object into your house, where it shall remain until the owner inquires after it, and you will return it to him. So shall you do for his donkey, his garment, or any lost article that you may find…”
(Deut. 22:1-3)

Clearly, the palestinians who are looting Gaza were never imbued with the teachings of the same Holy G-d who wrote the Holy Torah, because if their souls were drenched with the loving-kindness of HaShem, they would not have pillaged Gaza and set the synagogues on fire; instead, they would have returned the remnants of what was Jewish property to the proper owners, the Jews.

Another application of this commandment written by G-d Almighty is taking responsibility for the damage of someone else’s property. Palestinians don’t think they have to answer to G-d. Another extension of the commandment is to return lost objects and to guard the object carefully until it is returned. We are taught that we don’t have permission to use it; rather we are required to care for it.

Asking a palestinian to care for an object that belongs to a Jew is like asking a moth not to be drawn to a flame.

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