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Requisites to Religiosity

I realize that this post is vague; I have chosen to make it innocuous on purpose – because the damage to me by this JBlogger is already done. I write this in response to a personal conflict between me and one JBlogger who prides himself on his Orthodoxy and great fame on the internet. I am hoping that he will one day realize that Hashem judges us for our moral choices, not by how popular our websites are. It’s not the number of hits one’s site receives, but rather, the content of our moral decisions that matters in this world.

Coincidentally, JWR has an audio today on being honest.

Being honest to the Divine starts with being honest within, especially in more subtle aspects of business, use of time, and expressions of words. Continuing his deep study of the centuries’ old work, “Path of the Just”, our master teacher — the author of more than 50 books, and aninternationally acclaimed speaker — talks frankly about cleaning up ourinner act

RUN TIME: 9 minutes


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