Report: Assad’s Brother-in-Law Behind Mughniyeh Death

I had suspected the murder of Mugniyeh was an inside job – although I thought that it was the bloated puke Nasrallah who wanted Mugniyeh dead. Now some evidence is leaking out – from Arab sources, no less – that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s brother-in-law is behind the assasination of the filthy terrorist pig, Mugniyeh . But no suprise here; Muslims never had any qualms about offing their political rivals. From INN:

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s brother-in-law is suspected of engineering the assassination of Hizbullah’s operations officer Imad Mughniyeh, according to a report Saturday in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siasa (“Politics”). The news report appeared under the headline “Mughniyeh’s elimination breaking the back of Damascus regime.”

The suspicions against the man, Colonel Wasef Shweikat, surfaced after his wife, Bashar Assad’s sister Bushra, relocated to Paris with her children following the assassination. The move followed a split between Bashar and Bushra, which began when Mughniyeh informed Bashar of a plot against his regime.

The paper said Shweikat met with a senior American intelligence officer in a European country. Mughniyeh got wind of the clandestine meeting and informed Bashar personally about it. This is what caused the rift between Bashar Assad and his sister.

Bashar slapped his sister in the face in the course of one of their arguments, after he informed hBashar slapped his sister in the face after he informed her that her husband was involved in an attempted coup d’ of the suspicions against her husband. Assad told his sister that Shweikat and the American agent met to discuss a possible coup in Syria, in which Shweikat would seize power.

Tension between Mughniyeh and Shweikat was not a new thing, Al-Siasa explained. Mughniyeh had repeatedly attempted to weaken Shweikat’s standing in the Syrian power echelon. This is why Shweikat is a major suspect in the planning of the assassination.

Suspicions against Shweikat have increased since Bashar Assad appointed Hafez Makluf, the Head of General Intelligence, to head the investigation of the assassination. Makluf is considered to be a political rival of Shweikat.

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