‘Renew animal sacrifices on Mount’ says radical rabbi

I have no opinion on this other than being somewhat influenced by my Orthodox friend who believes that the self-appointed Sanhedrin is bordering on sacrilege. I don’t know if I agree with that either. Who appointed the first Sanhedrin 2000 years ago? From YnetNews:

Animal sacrifices should be renewed on the Temple Mount, a member of the radical Sanhedrin organization told Ynetnews. In ancient Israel and Judea, the Sanhedrin served as the highest court in the land, and was made up of 71 top judges. Now, a group of fringe rabbis say they have reformed the group, although the organization has received no recognition from Israel’s official religious authorities. “In the Torah there are around 200 commandments dealing with animal sacrifices,” said Rabbi Dov Stein, of the Sanhedrin organization. “The Torah of Israel demands animal sacrifices. When the people of Israel were in the Diaspora, it couldn’t be done. But now, there is the supreme institution, the Sanhedrin, made up of experts, and it can be done. The new Sanhedrin, like the old, will educate the people of Israel on how to keep and safeguard the Torah.”

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