Remember, with disgust, the names Muhammend Bakhri and Abed Rabu

Steve Plaut reminds us:

“Remember that Goebbals-like propaganda film made by pro-terror Israeli Arab film director Muhammed Bakhri? The one the Israeli treasonous Far Left hailed as a great “alternative narrative”, where they insisted on screening it on campuses and in Cinameteks even after a restraining order banned its screening, the film that was so full of lies that soldiers actually involved in the battle of Jenin sued to declare it libelous. The film that invented the myth of Israeli “war crimes” in Jenin, which all turned out to be lies. Where even Shimon Peres insisted that no more than 20 civilians were killed in the fierce house-to-house battle against the entrenched terrorists in Jenin, less than in single bus suicide bombings in Israel of the sort the operation was designed to end.

Yes, that film.

Well, Maariv Dec 3, 04 has a scoop in small print. Guess who put up the cash for making the film? Abed Rabu, quite literally the PLO’s Goebbals, that is, the PLO’s Minister for “Information” and Education. He was the sugar daddy.

And will Bakhri be indicted or at least denounced by the Israeli media for taking PLO money to stage a Goebbals-like anti-Semitic blood libel propaganda film?

My guess is he will be nominated for this year’s Israel Prize by the Likud and then maybe even a Nobel Prize.”

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