Remember this too

Elyakim Haetzni wrote in Ynet that once upon a time, it could have been so easy for Israel to defend herself against Muslim terrorists. If only the town of Dugit were there. If only Elei Sinai and Nissanit were there. If only Sharon did not get the army out of there. When Netzarim was there, a battalion was enough to defend the town.

But no. The left-wingers in Israel and the Jew-bashers elsewhere protested: What?! An entire battalion to protect a few settlers?! And the hostile media rejected settler statements that it wasn’t an IDF battalion protecting settlers, but rather it was settlers and that IDF battalion protecting the Negev.

Now, reports from the battlefront say the IDF has been surprised at the ferocity of the palestinian resistance and the quality of their weaponry. This is really too bad. More Jews will die because other Jews were rats.

I place the deaths of Jews and the attempted destruction of Israel not only on the shoulders of IslamoNazis but also squarely on the shoulders of the Jewish Left in the U.S. and Israel, on the members of Machsom Watch, and others who were ashamed that Jews dared to defend themselves and protect our brothers who went into the lion’s den to protect you.

May the sin of your contempt for your own people eat at you from the inside out.

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