Religious Radicals: Mainline Churches Launch a Policy to Punish Israel

From Religious Radicals: Mainline Churches Launch a Policy to Punish Israel:

The Anglicans are only the most recent on a list of mainline Protestant churches to endorse a boycott of companies with ties to the Jewish state. The United Church of Christ (UCC) took similar action last month, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) passed a resolution last year. But there is little evidence that the leaders of these churches are representing the sentiments of their members. These denominations are mainline, but their anti-Israel position is far from mainstream. Even Israel’s Arab enemies are backing away from these tactics. Saudi Arabia, because it needs U.S. approval to join the WTO, is poised to drop its long-standing boycott of American companies that do business with Israel.

The UCC’s divestment resolution specifies exactly what Israel’s final border must look like and what Israel must give up, including Judaism’s two most holy sites. It would seem beyond the bounds of decency for a Christian church to demand that the Jewish state cede sovereignty over its sacred places. Is there any other religion to which these denominations would presume to dictate the disposition of its holy sites?

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