Religious party could lead government under proposed change

Under the Prime Minister Olmert’s proposal, the leader of the largest party will automatically become prime minister and could only be removed by a vote of at least 65 MKs – who might possibly have to agree on an alternative PM .

In addition, it is expected to increase the minimum percentage of the vote a party must win in order to get into the Knesset.Under the new rules it might be possible for a consortium of religious parties to run together and ultimately rule the country.

The following is one numerical example:
27 – Joint party of Shas + Nat’l Union/NRP + Yahadut Hatorah
25 Likud
15 Kadima
20 Labor
13 Yisrael Beiteinu
10 Arab parties
05 Meretz
05 Retirees

Minister Herzog explained this morning on Israel Radio that he supports the proposal because it would force voters to cast their ballots for large parties rather than for smaller parties.

Dr. Aaron Lerner,
Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)

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