The Religion of Death

Folks, here is another example of how cruel and merciless Islam is to non-cult members, and here is a photo collection of the brutality. I warn you, these are graphic photos of Islam.

In a scene reminiscent of Somalia and in one of the most violent days in Iraq this year, the bodies of four Americans were mutilated after a deadly attack in Fallujah, and a bomb blast killed five U.S. soldiers 12 miles northwest of the town, a center of support for ousted leader Saddam Hussein. In Fallujah, the four bodies were pulled from two burning SUVs by jubilant Iraqis who dragged them through the streets and hung two from a Euphrates River bridge, according to news reports. Residents cheered after the assault while others chanted, “We sacrifice our blood and souls for Islam,” reported Fox News.

In images provide by Associated Press Television News, one man was shown beating a charred corpse with a metal pole.

Others tied a body to a car and dragged it through the town’s main street. Two blackened and mangled corpses were hung from a Euphrates bridge.

Islam is your so-called “religion of peace”, but it is really a perverse organization where mass murderers get to choose international policy, while the rest of the innocent world gets blown to smithereens.

Warning! Graphic Photos

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