Film: “Relentless” – a new pro-Israel film.

From Honest Reporting:

Relentless – TheStruggle For Peace In Israel

HonestReporting is launching the film, Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in Israel, to reveal a side of the Middle East story that most people are unaware of due to a lack of
exposure by traditional media outlets.
“Relentless” is a powerful one-hour documentary using primary source video clips to examine the history of the Mideast conflict and how the Peace Process unraveled in a surge of violence.

“… a film with searing insights into the origins and ongoing nature of the problem. Expect to be unsettled – and to come away an hour later knowing how to apportion blame.” — Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum, appointed by President Bush to the US Institute of Peace and author of “Militant Islam Reaches America”

Order the filmtoday and receive a complimentary book and cd.

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