Hear ye, hear ye, all who love freedom, justice, righteousness, G-d, and all that is holy!

It matters not that we are a day late, for the occasion to celebrate could be held 365 days a year.

We are talking about the earthly expulsion by slow, and hopefully, painful disease and death of one of the most wretched, despicable and pernicious creatures to ever slither upon the earth.

One year ago Arafat shuffled off this mortal coil and was ushered into the deepest, darkest depths of Hell to roast eternally for his crimes against G-d and humanity.

Fill your champagne glasses to the brim, raise them high, clink them loudly and say “Cheers to the world for the eradication of a malignant tumor and condolences to the worms that have the misfortune of feasting upon his Satanic remains.”

We anticipate the day we will see Arafat receive his ultimate sentence before the One and Only True G-d on Judgement Day.

We pray that the ambition and cause that Arafat dedicated his miserable existence to shall soon follow him in destruction and dust.

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