Reaping what they sow

Tsk. Tsk. Hamas gunmen seized control of the Gaza Strip’s border crossing with Egypt on Thursday in a gunbattle with Fatah-allied border guards after Israel blocked the Hamas prime minister from crossing with tens of millions of dollars in aid.

More than two dozen people, including the premier’s son, Abed, 27, were wounded in the fighting, deepening factional violence that has pushed the rivals closer to civil war.

Earlier Thursday, pro-Fatah Palestinian officers arrested a Hamas-linked militant in the killing of the three young sons of a Fatah security chief. The group’s allies retaliated by kidnapping a security officer. Crying women and children hid behind walls and taxis, while the European monitors who police the crossing fled. Two Hamas gunmen were among those wounded. Boo-hoo. Here’s hoping the murderous bastards destroy each other in the same way that a cobra kills its prey: quickly, swiftly, efficiently and immediately.

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