Reaping the benefits of a large Muslim population

Folks, violence has hit a Paris suburb for the fifth straight night in unrest that officials said has also spread to neighboring towns. The areas affected have a heavy concentration of immigrants including first and second generation Muslims from France’s former colonies.

I suspect the root of the problem, and the pervasiveness of Muslim violence, is the feeling that they are so superior to infidels, anointed of Allah, followers of Mohammed and, yet …. they are often doing pretty badly because they tend to sit on their asses waiting for success rather than getting out and earning it. The history tends to bear out the idea that their first recourse is to steal it, rather than work for it. Equally likely is the idea that, if you destroy what your neighbor has, you have achieved his level. (“Allah, my neighbor has a goat. Please kill it. “)

Please note that there is an event in history that played a tremendous role in creating the disaster presently unfolding in Europe, specifically Paris. Ironically, “politically correct” historians, politicians and journalists refer to this historical event in a positive light, despite the terrible consequences.

The event that opened the door to a Muslim takeover of Europe was France’s decision to grant independence to Algeria.

America and Israel have much to learn from this gross French blunder.

Modern France’s chronic weakness and cowardice have led from one disaster to another.

In World War II, France had a larger standing army than Nazi Germany. Yet the cowardly French offered practically no resistance as the Germans marched into Paris and then conquered all of France.

Even worse, most French actively collaborated with the German occupation forces.

The ruthless Vietnamese Communist terrorist leader Ho Chi Minh, called “Uncle Ho” by his equally ruthless followers, revolted against the French in 1946

When World War II ended, Vietnamese Communists encouraged by French weakness and gutlessness started a massive rebellion against French colonial rule in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The Communists were called the Vietminh because they were followers of the ruthless terrorist leader Ho Chi Minh.

The Communist war against the French began in December 1946, and soon even non-Communist Vietnamese nationalists joined in the revolt.

With strong support from the Soviet Union and Communist China, the Vietnamese rebels killed thousands of French soldiers and cost the French treasury a fortune as Paris was compelled to maintain a large military force in Southeast Asia in a futile attempt to crush the revolt.

The bunker at Dien Bien Phu, now a Marxist shrine, where the French surrendered to the Vietnamese

Year after year, France’s military situation in Vietnam continued to deteriorate until the huge French fortress in Dien Bien Phu was overrun by the Communists in May 1954, in a humiliating defeat for the French army.

Shortly thereafter, on July 21, 1954 – exactly fifty years ago today – France surrendered control of Southeast Asia. North Vietnam was left in the hands of the mass murderer Ho Chi Minh and his fellow Communist terrorists; South Vietnam was handed over to non-Communist Vietnamese nationalists; and Laos and Cambodia were also granted full independence.

Emboldened by France’s ignominious defeat in Southeast Asia, North African Arab Muslims started rebelling against French colonial rule.

In 1956, France granted full independence to Morocco and Tunisia in a vain attempt to concentrate all French armed forces in Algeria – where the French had huge oil and natural gas interests and where 750,000 French settlers had established communities.

The French were determined to keep Algeria as part of France. Over 400,000 French soldiers were sent to Algeria to crush the Arab Muslim terrorist revolt.

The Algerian Muslim rebellion started in November 1954, several months after the French defeat in Vietnam.

The French responded vigorously to Algerian Muslim terrorist attacks. The French army killed many thousands of Algerian Muslims in retaliation for the Islamic terrorism.

But the terrorism continued. Strong military reprisals did not solve the problem.

Was there any way for France to save Algeria from takeover by Muslim terrorists?

The previous is excerpted from JTF, an exceptionally truthful and courageous site.

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