A Reader Asks ‘Who or What Is Smooth Stone’?

We received some emails recently from some folk who want to know who we are.

We want to answer those questions, so we decided to post our answer publically, so that others can also refer to this post.

We are not part of anything governmental, Israeli or otherwise. We are bloggers. If you have read our site carefully, it would be clear that we are just regular folk who happen to love Israel and because we love Israel, we feel compelled to corroborate her legitimacy and sovereignty with facts, figures and statistics.

We aren’t quite sure why you think you should have heard about us; blogging is relatively new; new sites appear each day; there are millions of bloggers out there and we’re just another one. Although your expectation that you should have heard about us is flattering, it should not be a measurement for a standard that you yourself have established. We do not present ourselves as anything other than a blog site and we do not expect that any of our readers, casual or loyal, should have heard about us, in order for us to be legitimate.

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