Rantisi was a pediatrician who killed children

From Naomi Ragen:

Dear Friends,

Today, Yom Hashoa, it is appropriate for us to talk about the successors of evil, and their cheerleaders and supporters in Europe and the media.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Rantisi wasn’t a poor, ignorant refugee. He was a pediatrican trained to heal children. But like Dr. Mengele, he found his joy in killing them instead. As a founder of HAMAS along with Sheik Yassin in 1987 and one of the most extreme, violent and anti-Semitic of its leadership, he was responsible for carrying HAMAS atrocities to new lows in war crimes against humanity.

Rejecting any hint of neogotiated compromise, he vowed: ‘By God, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine.’ With his leadership, HAMAS carried out 425 terrorist attacks killing 377 and wounding 2,076 Israeli citizens and soldiers.

These attacks included a January 29, 2004 suicide bomber on the No.19 bus on Aza Street in Jerusalem, where ten Israelis and one foreigner were killed and 44 were injured. A suicide bomber who entered Cafe Hillel on September 9, 2003 and killed seven Israelis -including an emergency room doctor and his daughter on the eve of her wedding- and which injured seventy others. A suicide bomber who detonated a car bomb on April 29, 2001 near a bus carrying children at the Dir Sharif Junction. A suicide bomber who detonated an explosive strapped to his body near an Israeli bus at the French HIll junction in Jerusalem in which 21 Israelis were injured.

Where was the cry against “illegal killing” when these innocents were slaughtered? Why is it those voices in Europe, the media, and elsewhere which now decry his death and criticize those who brought him to justice were silent during his evil lifetime?

Naomi Ragen


Folks, think about it: would you hesitate to kill Osama Bin Laden?

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